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The Raw Papaya Sabzi

The Raw Papaya sabzi Or Kacha Peper Dalna

The raw papaya is a health food among the eastern states of West Bengal ,Assam and Odissa.It forms a regular part of the diet owing to its many food values.among other things,the raw papaya is an excellent  natural de-worming agent ,and works very effectively if consumed in a regular basis.
This vegetable is taken plain boiled with rice with a sprinkling of mustard oil ,or it is consumed by making its preparation without onion and garlic.This is best eaten on days ,when you want to eat  a plain homecooked non spicy meal and yet not miss out on taste.



Raw papaya-about 500 gms
Potatoes -2 medium( peeled and cut in cubes)
Mustard oil-1 tablespoon
Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon
bay leaves-2
ghee-1 teaspoon
Sugar -1 teaspoon
Salt -as per taste
Cumin powder-1 teaspoon
Coriander powder-2 teaspoon
chilli powder-1 teaspoon
turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Garam masala powder- 1teaspoon

The raw papaya needs to be peeled first,once the green skin has been peeled,it has to be cut into pieces lengthwise,and then the inner potion (the white ends of the seeds  have to be scraped out.If not done the preparation will get  a bitter taste.Once done the long pieces have to be cut into bite size pieces and then kept in water for 15 minutes.
This dish does not call for coriander leaves,the flavours are best enjoyed when garam masala is added to it.and the ghee adds a subtle touch of tradition to it.I always use  a mix of green cardamom,cinnamon and cloves,the quantity of Cinnamon being the highest.Sugar is the quintessential element in all traditional Bengali fare,so makes it way in this dish too.
The quantity of the cumin ,coriander and the chilli powder can be increased if you want more gravy in it.Needless to say the quantity of oil also increases with the spices.

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The Raw Papaya sabzi Or Kacha Peper Dalna

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1- Take the papaya cubes out of water and boil them till tender.Alternatively ,you can also pressure cook them with little water till 2 whistles .The papaya pieces should not get mushy,they should be cooked but stay firm.

2-Take them out of the water and discard the water.

3-heat oil in a pan

4-add the cumin and the bay leaves

5-Once the cumin splutters,add the potato pieces with the salt and the turmeric.

6-Cover and cook in medium low heat till little tender

7-Add in the papaya pieces,and add the cumin ,coriander and chilli powder over the papaya.

8-Stir and mix well.the spices and the papaya pieces should be well coated with oil

9-Cover and cook in medium low heat till the spices give out their fried aroma

10-Remove the lid and add water ,increase the heat to high and bring to a boil The quantity of water depends on how much gravy you want and the quantity of spices you have put.

11-Add in the sugar and the garam masala

12-Switch off the flame and leave covered for ten minutes before you serve.

This preparation is best enjoyed with steamed rice.Though some people love to have it with hot  ,thin chapati or phulkas.

Potol Bata ( Pointed gourd in poppy seeds )


Potol Bata(Grated pointed gourd in poppy seeds paste)

   Ever since I have got married ,and stepped into my in laws place ,I have been hearing many a praises of this recipe.The patol bata,bata in Bengali means a ground paste,and in this case it was the parval or patol grated  and cooked in poppy seeds.the Bengali vegetarian cuisine has many such bata,especially done with different varieties of yam and the mash is cooked in varied spices.This particular mash of parval is my mother in law's recipe or my grandmother in law's (my mother in law's mother) recipe to be more precise.Since it is one of my husband's favourite things I wasted no time in learning it.Now in course of time my daughter"s have also started liking it.


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Lemon sewai

1-Pointed gourds or parval -11 to 12 in number(peeled and grated)
2-Khus khus or poppy seeds-2 tablespoon
3-salt-as per taste
4-sugar-1 teaspoon
5-turmeric-1 teaspoon
6-Green chillies-4 ( you can reduce or increase the number as per your taste)
7-Oil-1 big tablespoon-preferably mustard

1-Soak the khus khus in little water for about 15 minutes

2-Grind to a little coarse paste with the green chillies by putting little water at  a

3-Peel the pointed gourds or parvals as shown in the pic and grate then relatively long

4-Heat oil in a pan

5-Put in the grated pointed gourds with the salt and the turmeric

6-Mix and stir well for sometime,keep spreading out the mixture on the pan

7-  After about 5 minutes add the khus khus paste(it has the ground green chilli in it)

8- Stir and mix well again

9-Now cover and cook in low flame for about 10 minutes

10-  open the lid,put on high flame and dry out the mixture well,then add the sugar

11-Mix again till the mixture turns slightly red at the bottom and gives out the aroma of fried khus khus
12-Done, now serve with hot steamed rice

Step by step pictorial

Poppy seeds paste

Heat oil in a pan

                             Put in the grated pointed gourds with the salt and the turmeric

                                          Mix and stir well for sometime,keep spreading out the mixture on the pan

                            After about 5 minutes add the khus khus paste(it has the ground green chilli in it)

                    Stir and mix well again


                                    Now cover and cook in low flame for about 10 minutes

                                        Open the lid,put on high flame and dry out the mixture well,then add the sugar

                          Mix again till the mixture turns slightly red at the bottom and gives out the aroma of fried khus khus.

Done,now serve with hot steamed rice

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Veg Cutlet Recipe

 Veg  Cutlet Recipe

The veg cutlet is a fast and healthy snack.though it is deep fried it has a very healthy and equally delicious filling .This particular snack is a favourite among adults and children it is so easy to make that one can make it in large quantities for parties ,where this can be served as an excellent starter.

It is always towards the end of my cooking meals that i am reminded of an evening snacks. and then I start thinking of what can be prepared in a jiffy.I pressure cooked some veggies quickly ,and by the time they were getting cooked I got the onion ginger garlic and coriander leaves ready.

Rolled in bread crumbs and ready to be placed in the fridge
Preparation time -1 hour
serves -5 people
makes 15 pieces

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                                   Care should be taken that the quantity of oil is less in the filling,more oil in the filling will cause the cutlet to disintegrate in the oil while frying.


Ingredients to be pressure cooked
potatoes- two medium sized peeled and halved
cauliflower- 6 to 8 medium sized florets
carrots- 2 medium,peeled and cut in big pieces
french beans- about 6 to 7,threaded and cut in long pieces
peas -handful

Other ingredients for the filling
Coriander leaves finely cut-one handful
green chillies-3 finely cut
Onion-1 finely cut
ginger garlic- minced -1 teaspoon
raisins(kismis)-handful,cut into smaller pieces
peanuts-1 tablespoon(crushed in small pieces)
breadcrumbs-2 tablespoon
chilli powder
Roasted jeera powde1 teaspoon
garam masala powder-1 teaspoon
aamchur(dry mango powder)-1 teaspoon
sugar -1 teaspoon
Oil -1 tablespoon
salt -as required

Ingredients for batter
cornflour-2 tablespoon
all purpose flour-2 tablespoon
breadcrumbs-as needed to coat the cutlets
Water -to make a medium thick batter
Oil for deep frying

Pressure cook the vegetables upto 2 to 3 whistles,till completely cooked
I generally keep the water level less in the pressure cooker than the vegetables and cook till 3 whistles.I then leave the cooker closed and wait for the pressure to drop on its own

Heat oil in a pan and add the onions,ginger and garlic and fry well till red
Then add in the cooked veggies (strain them out of water),and the coriander leaves,raisins ,peanuts ,salt,sugar,all spices and breadcrumbs and cook on high heat by stirring continuously,till the mixture dries up.
Let it come to room temperature. Remember to mash up the veggies well.

Make  a batter by mixing the cornflour and the all purpose flour in enough water.You can add little salt to it.Shape the mixture in oval shapes with the help of your palm,coat with the batter and roll in the breadcrumbs.Repeat the process twice.Keep open in the refrigerator till it is time to fry.(it can be stored in the refrigerator after coating upto seven days

Take it out of the refrigerator half an hour before you want to fry it.
While deep frying keep the oil hot first and then reduce to medium heat.Do not crowd the pan with the cutlets,as this will cool down the oil and the cutllets will start breaking in the oil

Serve hot with mustard sauce(kasundi) or ketchup.

Sweet Corn Fritters Recipe

 Sweet Corn  Fritters Recipe

Fritters are always the saviors when you have not made anything quite interesting for meals especially on weekends.And helping the kids with their studies ,bringing them back from their activity classes ,all this after a very elaborate breakfast ,leaves me with little time for preparing lunch. This is when I peep into the refrigerator for some instant help ,and I come across the corn kernels lying in there.

  I find the sweet corn an amazingly useful ingredient in the kitchen.Owing to its sweet taste it can be made into many things,like fried rice,sandwiches cheese corn balls or simply boiled .It is always a favourite amongst kids.The sweet corn fritters that I am sharing today is a very easy recipe,and can be made almost instantly.All you need are some of the basic ingredients available.

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The other day I made this as  a side dish for lunch,and it was an instant hit.The crunch on the outside and the sweetness of the corn is to die for.I have added a few pieces of capsicum to it ,corn and capsicum complement each other a lot,and the capsicum also makes up for some body of the fritters.

I practically had no time for clicking a fancy photograph,.the fritters vanished in no time Somehow managed to get a few clicks.

Preparation time-30 minutes
Serves-5 to 6 people

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1- 2 cups sweet corn
 About one and half cups is to be coarsely ground while the other half cup is to be added whole.

2-onion ,one large ,(cut into fine pieces)

3-garlic and ginger-1 teaspoon each ,paste or minced

4-coriander leaves-handful (finely cut)

5-finely cut green chili-2 teaspoon

6-Besan(gramflour)one tablespoon
7-Rice flour-1 tablespoon

8-all purpose flour(maida) -1 tablespoon

9-salt as per taste

10-Oil for deep frying

11-Pinch of baking powder

12-1 medium sized capsicum cut into very small pieces

Mix all the above mentioned ingredients except the oil and leave aside for fifteen minutes.
The consistency of the batter should be liquidy enough to be taken by a spoon. Add the baking powder just before making the fritters. A very tight batter will make the fritters hard from inside.
Fry in medium to hot oil till crisp and slightly red
Serve hot with tamarind chutney or tomato ketchup.

Prawns with Cauliflower (Fulkopi die Chingri Mach) recipe

Prawns with Cauliflower (Fulkopi die Chingri mach)

 Though the prawn malaikari ranks first in all Bengali households ,in my home the chingri aka prawn is best enjoyed with cauliflower.Quite possibly because this recipe can be enjoyed with rice and luchi ( puris) alike. Bengalis and their love for potatoes is in separable,so the potatoes do have their presence in this recipe too ,and somehow I cannot imagine the recipe without the potatoes.
  The cauliflower florets are covered and shallow fried with till they get a reddish colour,to release the aroma of fried cauliflower.
As for the prawns ,I do not shell them completely,I leave a part of the shell for the colour in the gravy.I devein them and leave the head of the prawn partially intact after cleaning them,as my husband enjoys the head too.
For some added colour I have used the kashmiri mirch powder,and you can also put some slit green chillies for some more flavour.i avoid that for the kids in my house .

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Prawn country style

About  sixteen medium sized prawns (cleaned and deveined0
Two medium sized potatoes (boiled ,peeled and cut in cubes)
Cauliflower florets -(Cut in one inch florets)

Ingredients for the gravy 

Onion-1 large ,(finely grated)
ginger garlic paste-1 tablespoon
tomatoes-(2 medium ,pureed well)
coriander leaves(finely chopped)
bay leaves-2
cumin -1 teaspoon
cumin powder-1 teaspoon
coriander powder-2 teaspoon
chili powder-1 teaspoon
salt -as per taste
turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
garam masala powder 1 teaspoon
                                                       sugar-1 teaspoon

1-Put some oil in the pan
2-Fry the potatoes till little red with little salt and turmeric sprinkled on them
3-Add in the cauliflowers ,after removing the potatoes,sprinkle salt and turmeric on them,Cover and cook in medium flame till the florets are almost done
3-Remove from oil,
4- Add in the bay leaves and the cumin
5- Once they crackle ,add in the onions ,and the ginger garlic paste with the salt and the turmeric
6-Saute for sometime ,then add the tomato puree ,with the coriander ,cumin and the chilli powder
7-Saute till they start releasing oil at the sides
8-Add in the garam masala ,the coriander leaves and the sugar and check the seasoning
9- Now add water depending on the thickness of the gravy.i had wanted a thick gravy.Add in the fried
10-Add in the fried cauliflower and potato pieces and let the gravy come to a boil. Simmer for sometime
11-Now add in the prawns ,and boil for only a minute (do not over boil as this will make the prawns leathery
12-Switch off the flame ,keep covered for 15 minutes
13-Serve hot with steamed rice or puris.

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Baked Potato Wedges

  Baked potato wedges ,is a healthy potato snack ,and once I learnt it I have stopped getting the frozen ones from the stores.This is a very quick recipe and so easy that once I made it only once.Since then my teenage daughter has taken charge of making it every time without any supervision.

This can be on the menu in kids parties,as this is an extremely kid friendly recipe.I make the wedges very often as  an appetiser when I have guests for dinner,since It is easy to make and very light as well.

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4 to 5 medium sized potatoes
1 teaspoon of red chilli flakes
5 to 6 pods of garlic(finely cut)
Coriander leaves-2 teaspoon (finely chopped0
oil-(coconut oil or any other oil of your choice)

1- Cut the potatoes in wedges
2-Put them in water
3-In a bowl ,take the oil ,salt ,coriander leaves, garlic  andthe chilli flakes and mix them well.(this is our seasoning)
4-Take out the wedges from the water and put in the seasoning ,and coat the wedges well
5-Pre heat the oven to 200 degree Celsius
6- Place the wedges on a tray ,without crowding them
7-Bake for 15 minutes and then take out the tray and turn the wedges for even browning
8-bake for another 15 minutes
9-Leave in the oven till it cools
10-enjoy with any dip of your choice

Cut the wedges in the same size
Do not overcrowd the tray ,or they do not get evenly browned
If you like it crispier,bake for another 10 minutes at 180 degree celsius

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Mughlai Mango Pickle Recipe

  Pickles call for a very complicated time consuming process,and they generally take days for the process to get completed.I am sharing a pickle recipe today which has done away with the tedious process .It takes a maximum time of 1 hour to prepare and can be stored year long even outside the refrigerator.This sweet and sour finger licking pickle is sure to win your hearts and you are definitely going to make this year after year.

This is a recipe where garlic adds the main flavour to the pickle without compromising with the beautiful smell of the raw mangoes.

It is best to use the good variety of non fibrous mangoes ,used for pickles in this recipe.It tastes best when it has a soft and pulpy texture.
Unlike other pickles ,the mangoes are peeled well before the process of making it is started



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1-Raw pickle mangoes- Half kg
2-Mustard oil-half liter
3-Garlic-2 to 3 large or 100 grams ,approximately
4-Ginger-50 grams
5-Mustard seeds (white or the yellow variety)-150 to 200 grams
6-Jeera (cumin seeds )-one heaped tablespoon
7-Methi (fenugreek seeds)-1 teaspoon
8-Sugar-75 grams ,or two tablespoon(you can reduce the quantity or even increase the quantity as per your taste
9-Asafoetida(hing)-one large pinch
10- Salt as per taste
11-vinegar-one cup(large)
 12-Chilli powder-3 tablespoon(you can reduce the quantity as per your taste)
13-Tumeric powder-about 2 teaspoon or more if needed


 1- About six to seven hours before you actually start making the pickle,add the peeled garlic cloves,the ginger peeled ,the cumin seeds,the mustard seeds and the methi seeds in the vinegar and leave them to rest and soak the vinegar.

2-Wash and pat dry the mangoes 

3-Peel them well (do not bring them in contact with water)

4-Cut the mango in 1 centimetre cubes(discard the stone)

5- Mix some salt to the pieces with the help of a spoon and leave for an hour(this process becomes more important if the mangoes are too sour)

6-When the mangoes have been resting in salt for about an hour, and the spices have soaked the vinegar for about 6 to 7 hours ,start making the pickle

7-First grind everything soaked in vinegar with the vinegar to a fine paste(do not add any water)

8-Add the mustard oil to a deep pan,and bring it to smoking  point,now add the hing

9-Add the ground spices with tumeric and chilli powder

10-Put heat on medium and saute the spices till they give out a lovely aroma (the quantity of the  oil should be more than required to saute the spices.)

11-Next,add the mango pieces and discard the salt water.

12- Roast the mango with the spices for 5 min (do not over roast)

13-Switch off the flame and add the sugar and roast again till the sugar melts.

14- Keep covered till it cools

15-Fill in sterilized jars when at room temperature and store(it is to be noted that oil should cover the pickles in the jars,that will preserve them for long)

I generally soak the spices in vinegar in the morning and prepare the pickle in the evening,and fill them in jars in the following morning when it cools down.

Once you start consuming the pickle ,if you notice that the oil covering the pickle in the jar has gone down,you can heat some mustard oil  till smoking point and let it cool.Then add the oil to the pickle to prevent it from getting spoilt.

This recipe needs a  maximum of ten to twelve days  once prepared before one can start consuming it.



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