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Veg Cutlet Recipe

 Veg  Cutlet Recipe

The veg cutlet is a fast and healthy snack.though it is deep fried it has a very healthy and equally delicious filling .This particular snack is a favourite among adults and children it is so easy to make that one can make it in large quantities for parties ,where this can be served as an excellent starter.

It is always towards the end of my cooking meals that i am reminded of an evening snacks. and then I start thinking of what can be prepared in a jiffy.I pressure cooked some veggies quickly ,and by the time they were getting cooked I got the onion ginger garlic and coriander leaves ready.

Rolled in bread crumbs and ready to be placed in the fridge
Preparation time -1 hour
serves -5 people
makes 15 pieces

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                                   Care should be taken that the quantity of oil is less in the filling,more oil in the filling will cause the cutlet to disintegrate in the oil while frying.


Ingredients to be pressure cooked
potatoes- two medium sized peeled and halved
cauliflower- 6 to 8 medium sized florets
carrots- 2 medium,peeled and cut in big pieces
french beans- about 6 to 7,threaded and cut in long pieces
peas -handful

Other ingredients for the filling
Coriander leaves finely cut-one handful
green chillies-3 finely cut
Onion-1 finely cut
ginger garlic- minced -1 teaspoon
raisins(kismis)-handful,cut into smaller pieces
peanuts-1 tablespoon(crushed in small pieces)
breadcrumbs-2 tablespoon
chilli powder
Roasted jeera powde1 teaspoon
garam masala powder-1 teaspoon
aamchur(dry mango powder)-1 teaspoon
sugar -1 teaspoon
Oil -1 tablespoon
salt -as required

Ingredients for batter
cornflour-2 tablespoon
all purpose flour-2 tablespoon
breadcrumbs-as needed to coat the cutlets
Water -to make a medium thick batter
Oil for deep frying

Pressure cook the vegetables upto 2 to 3 whistles,till completely cooked
I generally keep the water level less in the pressure cooker than the vegetables and cook till 3 whistles.I then leave the cooker closed and wait for the pressure to drop on its own

Heat oil in a pan and add the onions,ginger and garlic and fry well till red
Then add in the cooked veggies (strain them out of water),and the coriander leaves,raisins ,peanuts ,salt,sugar,all spices and breadcrumbs and cook on high heat by stirring continuously,till the mixture dries up.
Let it come to room temperature. Remember to mash up the veggies well.

Make  a batter by mixing the cornflour and the all purpose flour in enough water.You can add little salt to it.Shape the mixture in oval shapes with the help of your palm,coat with the batter and roll in the breadcrumbs.Repeat the process twice.Keep open in the refrigerator till it is time to fry.(it can be stored in the refrigerator after coating upto seven days

Take it out of the refrigerator half an hour before you want to fry it.
While deep frying keep the oil hot first and then reduce to medium heat.Do not crowd the pan with the cutlets,as this will cool down the oil and the cutllets will start breaking in the oil

Serve hot with mustard sauce(kasundi) or ketchup.

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