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Sweet Corn Fritters Recipe

 Sweet Corn  Fritters Recipe

Fritters are always the saviors when you have not made anything quite interesting for meals especially on weekends.And helping the kids with their studies ,bringing them back from their activity classes ,all this after a very elaborate breakfast ,leaves me with little time for preparing lunch. This is when I peep into the refrigerator for some instant help ,and I come across the corn kernels lying in there.

  I find the sweet corn an amazingly useful ingredient in the kitchen.Owing to its sweet taste it can be made into many things,like fried rice,sandwiches cheese corn balls or simply boiled .It is always a favourite amongst kids.The sweet corn fritters that I am sharing today is a very easy recipe,and can be made almost instantly.All you need are some of the basic ingredients available.

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The other day I made this as  a side dish for lunch,and it was an instant hit.The crunch on the outside and the sweetness of the corn is to die for.I have added a few pieces of capsicum to it ,corn and capsicum complement each other a lot,and the capsicum also makes up for some body of the fritters.

I practically had no time for clicking a fancy photograph,.the fritters vanished in no time Somehow managed to get a few clicks.

Preparation time-30 minutes
Serves-5 to 6 people

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1- 2 cups sweet corn
 About one and half cups is to be coarsely ground while the other half cup is to be added whole.

2-onion ,one large ,(cut into fine pieces)

3-garlic and ginger-1 teaspoon each ,paste or minced

4-coriander leaves-handful (finely cut)

5-finely cut green chili-2 teaspoon

6-Besan(gramflour)one tablespoon
7-Rice flour-1 tablespoon

8-all purpose flour(maida) -1 tablespoon

9-salt as per taste

10-Oil for deep frying

11-Pinch of baking powder

12-1 medium sized capsicum cut into very small pieces

Mix all the above mentioned ingredients except the oil and leave aside for fifteen minutes.
The consistency of the batter should be liquidy enough to be taken by a spoon. Add the baking powder just before making the fritters. A very tight batter will make the fritters hard from inside.
Fry in medium to hot oil till crisp and slightly red
Serve hot with tamarind chutney or tomato ketchup.

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