Saturday, 20 August 2016

Chanar dalna (Malai kofta the bengali way)- cottage cheese balls in gravy

  Cottage cheese forms a part of the cuisine more in the eastern parts of India than than in the other part of the country.very often cottage cheese is used to make sweets like rassogolla ,sandesh, ras malai and many more .Apart from sweets ,cottage cheese finds a very important place in the vegetarian meal in bengali homes.Chanar dalna is actually the substitute of its very well known cousin,  malai kofta in bengal.

paneer-about 2 cups or made from 1 litre of milk
potatoes-3,boiled and peeled
tomatoes-2,cut in small pieces ,or pureed
green chillies-3
coriander leaves-cut in very small pieces
ginger- 1inch piece grated
flour-1 tablespoon

tumeric powder-1 teaspoon
coriander powder-2teaspoon
cumin powder-1 teaspoon
chili powder 1 teaspoon
garam masala -1 teaspoon
cardamom-3 to 4
bay leaves 2
cumin-1 teaspoon
ghee or clarified butter-1 teaspoon heaped
salt -as per taste
sugar-1 teaspoon



take all the ingredients

all the ingredients for the cheese balls and gravy

knead the cheese with the maida

a little more with the back of the palm

                                                till it becomes smooth like this

                                          divide it into balls like this

                                          mix coriander powder,cumin powder ,chili powder,and tumeric powder                                         with some water

fry the cheese balls in medium heat


they should look like this

sprinkle salt on the potatoes and fry them in medium heat till soft
                                        the potatoes should look like this after frying

   and now the gravy       

                                         bay leaves ,cardamom and cumin in the hot oil

                                             in goes the spices mix dissolved in water

                                      once oil oozes out of the spices ,in go the tomatoes

                                             now the salt
                                           then the ginger and fry for sometime

                                           add enough water for the gravy,once the water comes to a boil,add the                                               fried potatoes and cheese balls

                                          add coriander leaves ,sugar and ghee

put off the flame and add the garam masala powder  

ready to serve