Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tamarind chutney (Sweet and sour dip)

       This chutney or dip is a very popular one ,usually served with Indian snacks like dhokla ,samosa etc .This dip is actually an integral part of all chat items popularly savored in India.There can be many versions of the same ,another preparation can be one where dates in place of jaggery give it the desired sweetness.I shall share the date chutney recipe soon.

1-tamarind-one lemon sized ball
2-jaggery-50 grams approximately
3-roasted cumin powder-1 teaspoon
                          4-homemade dhania(coriander )powder-1 teaspoon
5  -rock salt-half teaspoon              
6-dry ginger powder-half teaspoon
                           7-homemade roasted red chilli powder-1 teaspoon 
8-salt to be adjusted


Soak the tamarind and the jaggery for 1 hour

Boil the tamarind and jaggery with more water (according to desired consistency)

Boil for 10 minutes till it becomes thick

Add in the spices

cool and strain

Note-This chutney can be stored in th refrigerator for almost 15 days
        While boiling note that the jaggery has melted completely

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