Monday, 30 January 2017

Jackfruit seeds dry roast

 Jack fruit seeds are a favourite at my home,and I usually make quite a few dishes using them.Once cooked they taste sweet ,which makes them so yum.I have shared a very interesting recipe of jack fruit seed recipe before this ,jack fruit seed parcels.This is a simple one ,and goes very well as  a side dish with rice.

Preparation time-20 minutes
Serves -3 people

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  1. Jack fruit seeds -20 to 25 in number
  2. onions-2 finely cut
  3. chili powder-2 teaspoon
  4. coriander powder-2 teaspoon
  5. turmeric powder -1 teaspoon 
  6. salt -as per taste
  7. sugar-1 teaspoon
  8. oil -1 tablespoon

Take out the hard outer covering
Cut into pieces
Keep in water for 10 minutes
 After soaking in water for about 10 minutes boil the seeds with little salt till they become soft
The ingredients are ready now  with the boiled seeds

Add the seeds to the oil,then add in the salt,fry for 1 minute

Now add the onions,and fry for sometime
Next add the coriander and chilli powder,fry for another 2 minutes in medium heat

Now the sugar,fry for another minute

Ready to serve


  1. This is a nostalgia... my mom used it in her cooking...

    1. True,jackdruit seeds have such a versatile role in vegetarian cooking.