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Dhania Tamater Chutney Recipe( Coriander and tomato chutney )

  There are many variations of the dhania chutney.The coriander leaves or dhania as called in Hindi has the best flavors in the winters ,and so I always prefer making this in the winters.This one is again one of my moms recipe which she had learnt from one of the neighborhood aunts.Many of my childhood memories weave around this chutney or dip which my mother used to make specially on days we had a very bland taste side dish with the chapatis for dinner.
  The coriander mint chutney is best done when it is very smooth, on the other hand this chutney tastes best when little coarse ground .As my mother says that this is best done in the sil batta (the grinding stone). Since we longer have the time for the grinding stone and most homes do not posses one any longer,we can prepare a quick version in the mixer grinder itself.
With very few ingredients,this hot spicy and little tangy chutney or dip is best enjoyed with parathas. I personally love this with the aloo and gobi ka parathas.


Aam ki Launji
The tangy tamarind chutney
Dhania pudina chutney(green chutney )


 Coriander leaves(handful) -washed and with stem
Tomato-one(medium)-Roast on open fire
Garlic cloves-3 to 4
Green chili-1 or as per taste
Salt -as per taste

Wash well and squeeze out the water from the coriander leaves
Roast one tomato on the open flame of the gas oven.The tomato should turn black completely
On cooling peel out the charred skin.
The tomato should not lose much of its juice ,since the moisture in the preparation comes from the tomato mainly.
Now,put all the ingredients and run the mixer well.
It should have a thick consistency
If too watery ,add few more of the coriander leaves and adjust the seasoning.
One should be careful not to add too much of the coriander ,as the taste won't be the same if the tomato is less compared to the coriander.
Do not add water

The ingredients

Put all of the above ingredients and run the grinder well.


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