Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Mixed veg with palak(palang saker chorchori)..Winter Special

   A mixed veg with spinach leaves,is what I am about to share today.This is a winter special recipe,as it includes all the vegetables available in winter.It is a very mildly spiced recipe ,and the unique thing in this recipe is that all the vegetables retain their own distinctive flavour and taste.A mixed veg is referred to as a chorchori in Bengali ,hence the name palang saker chorchori.

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The veggies-1-French beans-one fourth cup
                     2-peas-one fourth cup
                     3-carrots -half cup
                     4-cauliflower florets-half cup
                      5-radish -half cup
                     6-potatoes - one fourth cup
                     7-sweet potato-half cup
                     8-broad beans-half cup
                      9-brinjals -one cup
                     10-chopped spinach leaves-2 cups
veggies ....

veggies ...

The spices-1-Dry red chili-2
                   2-Garlic cloves-8 to 10
                   3-Badi-5 to 6
                   4-green chillies
                   5-salt as per taste
                   6-Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
                   7-sugar -1 teaspoon
                    8-coriander leaves
                    9-wheat flour-1 heaped teaspoon
                   10-oil for cooking -2 tablespoon
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The last ingredient-wheat flour
Add the dry red chillies and garlic to the hot oil

Once the garlic changes colour,add the badi,and let it change colour from white to brown

Push the badi out of the oil,let the garlic get fried for 1 more minute

Add the veggies

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Add the salt and the turmeric
Mix well ,stir in high flame for 2 minutes

Add the  spinach

Do not stir

Cover and cook for nearly 10 minutes in medium high heat

Open the lid and stir well

Cover once again and cook for 5 minutes in medium high heat

Dry up the water in high heat,ensure that the veggies are cooked well

Time to add the green chillies


Add the wheat flour and mix well for 1 more minute
Ready,serve with steamed rice or chapati

The flavours of this recipe is best enjoyed in winters.This preparation can be easily converted to a no onion garlic dish,as the garlic used here is optional.There is a use of badi in this post ,which is easily available in supermarkets these days.For those who are new to badi,I would like to explain that they are sun dried dumplings made out of generally urad dal.They add flavour to this preparation.