Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sattu ka paratha

I love the rustic nature of Bihari food,it requires very little time for preparation,and not many ingredients,but what it does definitely require are very deft hands from years of practice.Sattu is the powder of roasted gram( while besan is the flour of the  not roasted one).Sattu is very popular in the hot plains of northern India,for its cooling effect ,and is widely consumed in many forms.Sattu paratha is a flat bread with a sattu stuffing,commonly had in breakfast.

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                       Stuffing for peas paratha


  • knead  soft atta (wheat flour ) as for phulkas,no oil required,salt can be added
  • for the stuffing

                        1. sattu -1 cup
                        2.garlic cloves-7 to 8
                        3.mustard oil-one fourth cup
                        4.home made coriander powder -one heaped teaspoon
               pickle-one tablespoon
                        6.chili pickle -one heaped teaspoon
                        7. salt -enough for the stuffing(salt should be on the lower side as pickles add to the                                                                                                                                                       salt)

ingredients for the stuffing

add sattu in the mixer

in goes the pickles and cloves

salt and coriander powder

add mustard oil and run the mixture to get a mix like this,discard all hard parts of pickle at this stage

keep the dough ready

coat the flattened balls in wheat flour

make a bowl shape with the fingers

2 spoon full of the mixture

seal it by pressing between fingers


flatten it between the palms and coat with wheat flour again

roll thin

place on a hot griddle

roast on both sides

flip and roast

time for one teaspoon of oil 

smear the oil on both sides and roast till it pufffs up

Ready to serve with salad and pickle

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