Saturday, 18 November 2017

Methi Poori (Fenugreek Leaves Poori) recipe

   If I have methi leavs (fenugreek leaves )  I have enough and more options for preparing.The methi is a very healthy food too apart from being a good fibre ,it has medicinal benefits too.It is diabetic friendly.Then the flavour,the earthen aroma of the leaves when fried is something most of us love. Methi is essentially a winter veggie,though these days it can be seen year round.
Though I try avoiding deep fried food ,I make the methi poori (puffed unleavened bread)at least once  a year.


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For the dough
Methi leaves(no stems)-2 cups(very finely chopped)
besan (chick pea flour)-half cup
ata(wheat flour)--one and half coup
turmeric-half teaspoon
coriander powder- 1 teaspoon
red chili powder-1 teaspoon
amchur powder-(dry Mango powder)-half teaspoon
oil- 2 tablespoon
sugar-1 teaspoon

oil for deep frying 

1-Take the washed and cut methi leaves in a large bowl and mix one teaspoon of salt to it.
2-Let it set for ten minutes
3-Squeeze out all the water from the leaves
4 -In the same bowl now add the rest of the ingredients for the dough and make a very firm dough by sprinkling water
5-Let it rest for only ten minutes
6-Divide the dough into parts and make into flat balls with the help of the palm
7-Roll by sprinkling little wheat flour or even oil
8-Fry in hot to medium hot oil like regular pooris
9-The pooris should be fried till the colour changes to reddish  brown
10-Serve hot with alu ki sabji or raita

Important Tips
1- The step of squeezing out the water from the leaves should not be skipped ,this step prevents the pooris from becoming bitter and also makes the pooris more crisp
2-The dough should be very firm in order to make the pooris crisp,as even after squeezing out the water the dough tends to become soft 
3-If you are planning to make in a very big quantity,it is better to make the dough in two or three batches as the dough remains firm
4-All the spices in the dough can be increased or decreased as per your taste except the sugar.The quantity of sugar should never be increased as that tends to burn the pooris in hot oil
5-No stems should be included in the methi leaves ,and the leaves should be cut very fine.If the leaves are cut in bigger sizes the pooris do not puff up
6-To get the best flavours ,fry them till little red ,as the methi does not give out its aroma until fried 


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