Thursday, 23 March 2017

Aam ki Launji (Raw Mango Chutney-sweet)

 I guess all of us wait for the arrival of mangoes.Be it the raw or the ripe ones,we relish both.  Aam ki launji or raw aam ki chutney is an all time favourite with one and all.Different states has different names for this .Some serve it as an accompaniment while West Bengal serves it at the end of the meal as a dessert.

This preparation can be easily stored in the refrigerator for more than a week.This can be prepared with jaggery or sugar.I have shared the sugar version of it today but the sugar can easily replaced by the jaggery.It depends on which flavour you prefer.the only variation of the Bengali style I have shared today is the generous sprinkling of a combination of powdered spices( dry roasted) at the end of the preparation for some added flavour.

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One raw mango-peeled and cut in cubes
Sugar-1 cup(varies according to the sourness of the mango)
Salt -as per taste
Fennel seeds -half teaspoon
Mustard seeds-half teaspoon
Dry red chili -1
Water -approximately one cup
Mustard oil(preferably)

Spices for dry roasting
Jeera(cumin seeds)-one fourth teaspoon 
Methi(fenugreek seeds)-one pinch
Fennel seeds-One fourth teaspoon 

1-Add one teaspoon oil to the pan 
2-Break the red chili into two and add to the heated oil
3-Now add the fennel and the mustard seeds to the oil
4-Allow them to splutter
5-Add the mango pieces
6-Add the salt
7-Mix well ,cover and cook in low flame for five minutes
8-Add one cup of water ,cover and let the mango get cooked in low flame
9-Now add the sugar ,boil in low heat for another 5 minutes.
10-Dry roast the spices for dry roasting and grind to a very fine powder
11-Sprinkle the dry spice powder on the prepared chutney.
12-Serve chilled


Note-Mangoes of different varieties vary in sourness,so taste the mango before you start with case the mangoes are too sour boil the pieces in one cup of water and discard the water,before you start with the process.