Saturday, 23 December 2017

Tips For Failproof Alu Parathas (Indian unleavened flatbread with potato stuffing)

 Tips  For  Failproof Alu Parathas (Indian unleavened flatbread with potato stuffing)

Winters are here ,and so alu parathas are in season!!!
Today I have something to share ,which I am sure is an issue with many of you.i am sure there is a good number of people who love alu parathas ,but when we make them ,very often the filling tends to spill out.

Beetroot Poriyal (Stir fried beetroot)

       Beetroot Poriyal (Stir fried beetroot)

         I have something from south Indian food today.A very easy to prepare with little preparation and very few ingredients,this poriyal is a very healthy option .Beetroot being a vegetable rich in iron content and with loads of other nutrition,this item is a wonderful choice for any home.

Poriyal has different names in the different south Indian states. While in Tamil it is called poriyal,it is also called palya and porutu in other states.It is basically a sauteed or stir fried preparation with flavouring agents and with coconut..

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Palak Paratha Recipe ( Indian Unleavened Flatbread with spinach) (Winter special recipe)

 Winter special recipe--Palak Paratha Recipe (Indian  Unleavened Flatbread with spinach)

I am back again with a very nutritious recipe with the very versatile spinach or palak.I always look for new ways of serving nutritious food to my fussy eaters at home.Fortunately my family is very fond of parathas,they can be served at breakfast or dinner ,and are always welcome.This recipe actually forms a wholesome meal as we all know that the spinach is rich in vitamins and iron..i prefer serving any paratha with some chutney and avoid pickle to some extent,At my home parathas go very well with some boondi raitha.Soi as long as winters are here ,palak parathas and methi parathas will continue to be served at my place.

The dough of this paratha can be made the earlier evening and kept ready in the refrigerator .It can be rolled and roasted in the morning for lunch boxes.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe (Bottle gourd based sweet dessert pudding)

 Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe (Bottle gourd based sweet dessert pudding)

This halwa or a sweet dessert pudding is my favorite among Indian Halwas.I love it because of its beautiful green color and lovely texture.This can be a very good dessert idea when you have guests or you can even carry it for one of your potlucks as this is a dry dessert.This dessert is again a great option for lactose intolerant people as this recipe calls for minimum use of diary products.
As you shall notice that this recipe uses only little milk powder at the end ,the quantity of the milk powder can be varied as per your preference.
I have a special liking for this recipe because it can be eaten cold or this recipe is a great option in the winters ,when you can no longer serve ice creams or souffles to your guests .i am sure you shall try out this easy version of the Lauki ka halwa,or the bottle gourd based sweet pudding when your guests are due next.
frankly speaking I love to arrange a welcoming spread on my dining table ,and the more varied the colors of the items ,the better it is.This recipe adds that appealing touch to your menu ,that your guests will remember for long.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Many Tips to get the Perfect Green Palak Paneer ( Recipe of Cottage Cheese Cubes In A Spinach Gravy)

Winters are not complete without the many spinach or palak recipes that are prepared in this season. My favourite is the palak paneer.

BItter gourd And Pumpkin (Karela kaddu ki sabzi )-Diabetic friendly recipe

  It can some times be a pain to feed karela or bitter gourd to children.Since we all know that this vegetable is a very healthy one for all age groups,as this is also a diabetic friendly vegetable ,we cannot afford to miss it in our menu.Here is a very traditional  Bengali recipe which will make it easier for you to make this vegetable a regular one in the menu.

Friday, 8 December 2017

The crisp and tangy Seer (Vanjaram - Neymeen) Fish Fry

The seer fish is also called the vanjaram fish in Tamil.This fish is also from a subfamily of the Mackeral. this is a sea fish and is rich in omega three fatty acids.Though it is fried in a mix of spices traditionally,I have given a slight twist to this recipe and tried to make this more flavorful.Here I have used onion and garlic too in this recipe. Since this fish has very few bones ,it is a favourute with kids tooTry this out to know the difference


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Bengali Style Tomato Chutney ( Indian Sweet Tomato Relish)

            I am sharing with you today one of my favourite dishes,that is the Bengali style tomato chutney. It is  a sauce or a relish  usually had with the Bengali Khichuri ,Or at the end of a meal.Its sweet and slightly tangy taste makes it an all time favourite for kids.This chutney can actually be stored in the refrigerator for about a week .It is a good accompaniment for parathas too .So surely try this very flavourful recipe and let me know how it turned out .

This recipe requires some particular ingredients to give the distinctive taste.One of them is the AAm Papad.Now,aam papad is  an Indian fruit leather which is made by mixing mango pulp with concentrated sugar solution and sun dried.This is called amsotto in Bengali.Though tomatoes are  available year round these days,but this chutney is best made in the winters with well ripe tomatoes.The more pulpy ones make a better chutney.