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Tips For Failproof Alu Parathas (Indian unleavened flatbread with potato stuffing)

 Tips  For  Failproof Alu Parathas (Indian unleavened flatbread with potato stuffing)

Winters are here ,and so alu parathas are in season!!!
Today I have something to share ,which I am sure is an issue with many of you.i am sure there is a good number of people who love alu parathas ,but when we make them ,very often the filling tends to spill out.

1-There are many reasons for this ,but one reason why we have the filling spilling out is the moisture in the parathas ..
2-Another reason could be there can be ingredients in the filling mixture which are not small enough ,so they tend to tear the outer covering .
3-The filling can also spill out if the dough is not soft enough or the dough has not been allowed time to rest.
4-If the potato filling and the dough have a good difference in temperature even then we can have the filling coming out while rolling the parathas.

So even though I always prepare the dough the previous night and keep it in the refrigerator,I allow it sometime to come to room temperature before I start rolling them


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1-potatoes-4 to 5- medium sized
2-ginger ,garlic and green chilli paste made without water-2 teaspoon
3-onion-2 medium,very finely cut
4-salt -as per taste-
5-amchur powder(Dry Mango powder)-1 teaspoon
6-red chili powder-1 teaspoon -(optional)
7-Roasted cumin powder-1 teaspoon (heaped)
8-Whole wheat flour dough (soft)with salt
9-Oil for roasting-2 tablespoon
10- coriander leaves-finely chopped

So here is my method of getting the filling ready ,and the precautions I take to get perfect puffed up parathas.

1- How to boil the potatoes-Take medium sized potatoes and wash and cut them into halves only.
Fill water only to the level of the potatoes or even less
Cook till one whistle,and leave till the pressure is out.
Do not leave the potatoes in the pressure cooker once the pressure is out,take it out of the water immediately and peel them.At this point do not put the potatoes in  cold water once again to cool them down ,to make it easier to peel.Alternatively you can actually leave them out for five minutes before you start peeling them

2-I use ginger ,garlic and green chili paste made without any water to avoid tearing of the covering

3-Add in roasted cumin powder or(bhuna hua jeera)

4-Add amchur (dry mango Powder)for some sour taste

5-Add salt

6-Add in the coriander leaves and the onions

7-Mash well with a potato masher

The parathas should be made immediately after the filling is prepared,as the salt tends to make the filling soggy if left for a long time.
In this post I have not shown pics of rolling procedure ,You can check the sattu ka parathas and the peas parathas  in the mentioned links above,for a step by step pics of rolling and roasting

Roll parathas with this filling. Roll by dusting with wheat flour.The ball of dough and the volume of the filling should be equal to get good parathas.

Enjoy  hot with curd pickle or any other accompaniment of your choice.

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