Thursday, 30 March 2017

Rava idli ,Semolina Idli or Sooji Idli----(KId's Lunch Box) ||Steamed Savoury indian Cake

I feel there is nothing more versatile in the kitchen than sooji or rava as it is called in South India.This ingredient can be made into many delicious preparations with just a few ingredients.Be it rava dosa,sooji dhokla ,cutlets with sooji or sooji laddu ,each one is as appealing than the other .The rava idli or idli made out of sooji is one breakfast which is loved and relished in my house.
 this is made using the thicker variety of sooji ,not the finer one which is used for halwa.The curd used here is thick ,it is okay if it is little on the sour side.I often make this preparation using curd which is leftover in the fridge and has gone little sour.
 This idli is an ideal lunch box menu because it is very filling ,unlike the regular idli and tastes equally good when not warm. Any accompaniment goes well with it,be it sambar ,any south Indian chutney or the modest pickle. It just tastes as superb as it looks.

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1 cup curd
2 cups rava(do not roast the rava)
1 and half cup water
1 sachet of Eno(fruit salt)
 salt as per taste

For tempering
Curry leaves torn into pieces
2 dry red chillies torn into pieces
 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds
2 teaspoons of urad dal
2 tablespoon of oil

For garnish 
Fried cashew nuts and dry red chili pieces (you can fry them beforehand and keep them ready)

So let us get started

1-Heat the oil in a pan and add the dry red chillies ,urad dal ,curry leaves and mustard seeds in this sequence
2-Take the rava in a fairly big vessel.
3-add the hot oil with the four tempering ingredients into the rava.
4-Mix well with a spoon ,as it will be very hot to work with hand.
5-The rava should now look like breadcrumbs ,each grain separated from the other
6-Now add the curd and the water and mix well .
7-Add the salt at this point 
8-Let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes
9-.-Get the steamer or the idli stand ready ,with the greased moulds.
10-Place the kaju and the dry red chilli fried pieces at the bottom of each mould
11- -After 15 minutes check if it has absorbed the water.
12-The rava should be thick and not watery,if the mixture is too thick add little more water,till it comes to a dropping consistency
13-Add the Eno to the mixture.and mix it well.You will see it froth
14-Pour the mix with a ladle in the moulds and steam for 10 to 15 minutes in high heat
15 -Cool and then demould
16-Serve with your favorite accompaniment