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Mustard Paste ----- How to make the perfect mustard paste used in Bengali cuisine


         Today I am sharing a very essential ingredient used in Bengali cuisine,the mustard paste.It would not be wrong to say that Bengali cuisine is incomplete without the quintessential mustard paste.Apart from the distinctive pungency that it imparts to the gravy,the mustard paste gravy has reasons to be popular. Once you had enough practice,you will find that the mustard gravy items are very fast to cook.

Though the mustard gravy is easy to make,it can  turn out to be  bitter and give a very bitter taste to the gravy if not ground and cooked in the correct way.
The mustard seed paste gravy in Bengali cuisine is generally cooked with green chilies,so the green chilies for the gravy are added together and ground with the mustard.It also stops the paste from being bitter. If you wish to reduce the pungency of mustard,you can add some poppy seed paste with the mustard paste. Some people even use a paste of ground sesame seeds for the same purpose.


 The Ingredients-Salt 
                                                                        -Mustard seeds_1 tablespoon
                                                                                     -Green chillies -2 to 3(or as per taste)


The ingredients

Soak the mustard seeds in water for about 1 hour

                                                After one hour strain out the seeds from water

Strain out the mustard seeds in a strainer
 The seeds have to be ground with water along with the chillies and the salt for best results

On the grinding stone with the salt and the chilies
While grinding ,it should be ground with good presssure at once,because if ground too many times ,the paste will taste bitter

Start grinding
 So with good amount of pressure ,grind till you get a smooth paste

When done ,should look like this

Collect the paste from the stone.It is now ready for use

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  1. Nicely step by step written. Excellent. Please carry on. Regards