Thursday, 9 March 2017

Alu Bhaja (potato crisps the Bengali way)

     Alu bhaja or potato crisps with dal is a comfort food in many a Bengali household,mine being no exception.These crispies are equally  tempting for adults and kids ,and vanish off the plate even before the dal is served .Simple ,with minimum ingredients ,these form the starters of a Bengali meal.


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  So lets get started-
Serves-4 people

Ingredients- six potatoes(medium)
           salt (as per taste0
            oil for deep frying


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  1.  Peel and cut the potatoes lengthwise,then slice them in very thin  triangular                           slices as in the pic.(remember-the thinner the slices  the crispier the potatoes) 
  2. Put the cut slices in a bowl full of water .
  3. Wash the slices in running water till the water is clear(all the excess starch  is washed out).
  4. Put handful of these (strain them out of water) in hot oil(oil should be medium hot) 
  5. Spread them out in the oil.
  6. Add only as much salt as needed for that batch straight to the oil.
  7. Take them out of the oil as they start changing colour.(keep in an open plate). 
  8. When taken out they should make  a sound on the plate.
  9. Do not cover the plate.
  10. Continue the process for the rest of the potatoes in small batches(add salt for every batch)

 Note-I generally fry them ,let them cool and keep them in an air tight container the day before I have guests at my place.


  1. Egulo hocchey mon pagol kora platter amar moto Bangalir kache.. so nice...

  2. True,everybodies all time favorite

  3. Aloo Bhaja looks so crispy and yumm..