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Palak Paratha Recipe ( Indian Unleavened Flatbread with spinach) (Winter special recipe)

 Winter special recipe--Palak Paratha Recipe (Indian  Unleavened Flatbread with spinach)

I am back again with a very nutritious recipe with the very versatile spinach or palak.I always look for new ways of serving nutritious food to my fussy eaters at home.Fortunately my family is very fond of parathas,they can be served at breakfast or dinner ,and are always welcome.This recipe actually forms a wholesome meal as we all know that the spinach is rich in vitamins and iron..i prefer serving any paratha with some chutney and avoid pickle to some extent,At my home parathas go very well with some boondi raitha.Soi as long as winters are here ,palak parathas and methi parathas will continue to be served at my place.

The dough of this paratha can be made the earlier evening and kept ready in the refrigerator .It can be rolled and roasted in the morning for lunch boxes.



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 For dough
Spinach(palak) puree-2 cups
Wheat flour-2 cups
Ginger and green chili paste -2 teaspoon full
Ajwain or carom seeds 1 teaspoon
 Salt -as per taste
Besan(gram flour) -2 to 3 tablespoon
Turmeric powder
1 teaspoon
amchur powder(dry mango powder)-1 teaspoon
Sugar-half teaspoon
 Oil-2 teaspoon for the dough(oil of your choice)

Oil for roasting the parathas-5 tablespoons

  The quantities of the wheat flour or th e puree can be increased or decreased if required to make a soft non sticky dough


1-Take washed and cleaned spinach leaves and boil them in a open vessel for about 5 to 7 minutes 
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2-Strain out the water and wash under running cold water

3- Grind to a fine puree in the grinder

4-Add the puree to the wheat flour and the other ingredients

5-Knead into a soft non-sticky dough(leave it to rest for fifteen minutes)

6-Divide into equal sized balls 

7-Roll into discs of about 8 inches diameter 

8-Roast on both sides on a hot girdle by brushing oil on the sides

9-Enjoy with raita,salad or achar(pickle) of your choice

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