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Beetroot Poriyal (Stir fried beetroot)

       Beetroot Poriyal (Stir fried beetroot)

         I have something from south Indian food today.A very easy to prepare with little preparation and very few ingredients,this poriyal is a very healthy option .Beetroot being a vegetable rich in iron content and with loads of other nutrition,this item is a wonderful choice for any home.

Poriyal has different names in the different south Indian states. While in Tamil it is called poriyal,it is also called palya and porutu in other states.It is basically a sauteed or stir fried preparation with flavouring agents and with coconut..

For those who are new to South Indian food,you might have noticed this item at one corner of the banana leaf when you have eaten south Indian thalis .The same preparation can be made with cabbage,carrot ,beans etc.


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Beet root -one large grated
coconut-Grated-3 tablespoon
Green chillies -4 -slit
Urad dal-1 teaspoon
mustard seed
1 teaspoon
salt - as per taste
turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
oil -1 tablespoon
Curry leaves-1 handful
Once the beet root is grated it tends to leave out water,so you can squeeze out the juice and drink it ,as it is a very healthy drink.

1- heat oil on a pan
2-add in the urad dal  and the mustard seeds
3-wait for them to splutter
4-add in the curry leaves
5- once the curry leaves are leaving the aroma add in the beet root
6-add salt and turmeric powder with the green chillies
7-Stir and mix well
8-add in the coconut and mix once again
9-Cover and cook for ten minutes in medium to low flame
10- Open the lid and saute for two minutes on high flame to dry up any excess water
11-serve with steamed rice

The similar preparation when made with beans ,the beans can be cut into very small pieces and then steamed before you follow the same method.

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