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Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe (Bottle gourd based sweet dessert pudding)

 Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe (Bottle gourd based sweet dessert pudding)

This halwa or a sweet dessert pudding is my favorite among Indian Halwas.I love it because of its beautiful green color and lovely texture.This can be a very good dessert idea when you have guests or you can even carry it for one of your potlucks as this is a dry dessert.This dessert is again a great option for lactose intolerant people as this recipe calls for minimum use of diary products.
As you shall notice that this recipe uses only little milk powder at the end ,the quantity of the milk powder can be varied as per your preference.
I have a special liking for this recipe because it can be eaten cold or warm.so this recipe is a great option in the winters ,when you can no longer serve ice creams or souffles to your guests .i am sure you shall try out this easy version of the Lauki ka halwa,or the bottle gourd based sweet pudding when your guests are due next.
frankly speaking I love to arrange a welcoming spread on my dining table ,and the more varied the colors of the items ,the better it is.This recipe adds that appealing touch to your menu ,that your guests will remember for long.

One bottle gourd about the size of one kg
(i prefer to use the big ones as the halwa tends to give a better colour with these.If you are making  a small quantity ,you can take only half of it)
Milk powder-100 grams(alternatively you can use Khoya)Khoya is dried milk
sugar-200 grams
salt -one pinch
ghee -4 teaspoon
Elaichi powder- 1 teaspoon or less(alternatively I have also used rose essence,works very well)
Raisins(kismis)-2 teaspoons
Kaju(cashew nuts) 2 teaspoons

The quantities of the sugar,milk powder,khoya,and ghee can be increased or decreased as per taste


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Method of preparing the halwa

Each of these steps should be carefully followed

1-peel the skin of the bottle gourd well and cut into large pieces and keep in water for 10 minutes

2-Eliminate the seed part from the middle

3-Grate the pieces into long grates

4-add(mix well) a pinch of salt and leave for ten minutes

5 -squeeze out the grated bottle gourd and discard the water

6-In a pan fry the Cashew nuts and the kismis(raisins) and take them out of the pan

7-add the squeezed bottle gourd next

8-Saute for 5 minutes ,then add the sugar and lower the flame

9-The sugar will leave water,let the bottle gourd get cooked in it

10-Check if it has got cooked ,then put in high flame to dry out the halwa

11-add the milk powder or the khoya now ,keep stirring

12-add in the fried raisins and the cashewnuts

13-add the ghee(2 teaspoon )and mix well

14-switch off the flame

15- add the rose essence or the elaichi powder

16- Cover and leave it for sometime

17-serve in beautiful bowls