Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Jal Jeera( The easy minty summer drink)

Sometimes the most easily available things around us prove to be the most tastiest and the healthiest too. When it comes to health I make no compromises.this easy to make drink keeps us cool in the scorching heat of the summer and also aids digestion.I generally serve this to my kids when they come back exhausted from school.Believe me it is rejuvenating

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  Serves 4 people

Few simple ingredients-Fresh pudina leaves(mint)handful
                                       -sugar -8 teaspoons
                                        -salt -as per taste(keeping in mind that black salt is also added)
                                        -juice of 1 lemon
                                       -black salt- 1teaspoon
                                        -roasted cumin powder(bhuna jeera)
                                       -4 glasses of water

                                               Grind the leaves in the blender with some water

                                           Strain out the mint leaves ,and collect the extract

                                         Add all the ingredients to the extract and mix well in 4 glasses of water

Add ice cubes (optional)  and serve .Note that the drink should be stirred just before drinking or the cumin powder tends to settle at the bottom .