Monday, 6 February 2017

Peas Stuffing (for parathas and kachorios)

              With the onset of winter this recipe is an oft repeated preparation at my place.So over the years I have learnt to take short cuts.I have started making this preparation and keeping it in the refrigerator.It makes unplanned breakfasts simpler and also gives us a very good option for surprise guests.This stuffing works well for Peas parathas and kachoris as well.Green peas stuffed kachoris are a favourite winter delight in West Bengal.
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peas-about 2 cups (shelled)
ginger-2 inch piece
green chillies-3
salt -as per taste
roasted cumin powder-2 teaspoon
roasted dry red chili powder-2 teaspoon 
oil-2 to3 teaspoon
water -2 tablespoon

Add the ginger ,green chillies and salt to the peas with the water in a grinder.Grind it to a coarse paste.

Now take the oil in a pan ,and saute the mixture well till all the water dries up.

 When the water has dried up add the roasted spices,mix well ,switch off the flame

Note -Store in a closed container when cooled for future use.
          You can add some asafoetida or hing in the oil before sauteing.I avoided it because it         dominates the flavour of the peas.
            Care should be taken not to use too much oil while sauteing ,as this can cause the kachoris to spit in oil later.

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