Friday, 27 January 2017

Weekend preparation for Fried rice,Poha pulav and Bread pulao ,for kid's lunch box

    This is one post I wanted to share since a very long time.It is not a recipe of any one dish but a recipe for many dishes together.This is my way of keeping my kids happy as well as keeping myself satisfied of giving  a nutritious lunch to my kids.This procedure is generally done in my kitchen on Sunday afternoons,to enjoy perfectly smooth running early mornings .

Cut carrots ,french beans and cauliflowers in small pieces

Keep ready cashew nuts and raisins too

Steam the beans

Deep fry with some salt

Steam the cauliflowers

Deep fry over medium heat with salt

Steam the carrots

Deep fry in medium heat with salt till they change colour

In the same oil add the cashew nuts and raisins.and fry for just one minute

Refrigerate them in boxes for the whole week.This can serve as an instant preparation for fried rice,bread pulav or poha pulav.Recipes of fried rice,bread pulav or poha pulav will soon be posted.

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