Thursday, 16 November 2017

Prawn Pakora Recipe( Prawn Fritters)-(Appetizer)

   This one is surely a great appetizer ,and can serve as a great menu at mealtimes too.All you need are the prawns shelled and deveined in the refrigerator.
These fritters or pakoras can be made with any sized prawns,but today I have used the frozen variety.if you wish to make with the bigger ones you will have to cut them into smaller pieces after shelling and deveining them.

If you are using the frozen ones ,it has to be checked that the prawns are free from ice or water.You might have to squeeze out the water in them  ,or pat them dry.
Though besan would be enough for this recipe ,I have added rice flour for a further crisp texture.You shall notice that I have added two teaspoons of hot oil to the mixture for some lightness and crispness again.




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1-Shelled and deveined prawns-about 400 grams
2-finely chopped onions-2 small
3-garlic-7 to 8 ,finely chopped or minced
4-ginger-1 inch piece,finely chopped or grated
5-coriander leaves-finely chopped-handful
6-red chili powder-1 teaspoon
7-besan(chickpea flour)-2 tablespoon
8-rice flour-1 tablespoon
9-turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
10-salt-as per taste
11-oil for frying


1-Take the prawns in a large  bowl(the prawns should almost be pat dried)
2-Add the onions ,ginger,garlic,besan,rice flour,coriander leaves,turmeric,salt,red chili powder,and make a mix(do not add water)
3-Heat oil for shallow frying
4-When the mixture is ready add 2 teaspoon of hot oil from the pan and mix again with a spoon
5- Now spoon out the mixture into the oil and shallow fry
6-Press them down with a spatula and fry in medium heat
7-Flip to the other side and repeat the process,till they turn golden in colour

IF you are preparing the mix and keeping it ready to fry later ,then add the salt and the hot oil just before frying.Otherwise the salt will release a lot of water and make the pakora soggy.


I have taken the smaller variety of prawns

In goes ginger ,garlic,onions,coriander leaves,red chili powder and green chilies

Now the  besan

Then the haldi or turmeric

Next ,rice powder


mix well

Hot oil from the pan

Start shallow frying in medium heat

Turn over ,fry till crisp

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