Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kopi Posto Recipe (Cauliflower in a poppy seeds paste)

  The Bengali kitchen never gets tired of its mustard and poppy seeds combinations with different veggies .Here is another one.The cauliflower florets have been cooked in a distinctive flavoured poppy seeds paste.The cooling effects of poppy seeds forms a very light meal in winter afternoons.


Banana flower fritters or mochar bora (in Bengali)

Bhindi posto (ladysfinger with poppy seeds) 

Lady'sfinger fritters,or bhindi pakora

Weekend preparation for Fried rice,Poha pulav and Bread pulao ,for kid's lunch box

Mixed veg with palak(palang saker chorchori)..Winter Special

Cauliflower florets 250 grams-approx.
Poppy seeds 3 tablespoon(poppy seeds are known as khus khus in Hindi)
Green chilli-4 to 5(as spicy as you want)
Mustard oil(preferably for the authentic Bengali  taste)-2 tablespoon(might require more)
Kalonji(nigella seeds)-1 teaspoon
Salt-as per taste
Turmeric-Half teaspoon(poppy seed preparations are low on turmeric)
Sugar-1 teaspoon (as per taste)

1.Dip the cauliflower florets in boiling water for 1 minute and strain them out
2.Coarsely grind the poppy seeds with little water and about 3 green chillies
3.Heat oil in a pan
4.Add the kalonji seeds and 2 slit green chillies,and let them splutter
5.Add the cauliflower florets
6.Add salt and turmeric to the cauliflower,mix well and cover and cook in low flame till the cauliflowers are cooked.
7.Open the lid and stir well in high flame,the cauliflower should get a reddish tinge
8.Now add the poppy paste,with 1 to 2 tablespoon of water ,add in the sugar at this stage
9.Mix the poppy seed paste well with the cauliflower and spread out the cauliflower in the pan
10.Cook in low flame ,do not stir too often ,the pieces will break if you do so
11.Stir after 2 or three minutes and spread it out again
12.The poppy seeds should get a reddish colour and leave a very pleasing aroma by now
13.Switch off the flame.
14.Cover and keep for 15 minutes before you serve.
15.You can serve this with hot steamed rice or chapati.

This recipe requires a good amount of oil for best taste
The poppy seeds should be coarsely ground,and not finely,for the best taste.
You can use the oil of your choice ,but the authentic Bengali taste comes from  mustard oil.

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