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Gajar ka halwa/ Carrot Pudding Recipe for the unexpected guests

   This all time favouite recipe is prepared in many ways .Sometimes we even tend to look for other alternatives ,this being a very tedious method.Some people even grind the carrots in the mixer,but there is no alternative to the taste that you get from the grated ones.So ,if you are making in large quantities ,you can even take help of the many food processors or chopper available in the market.


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For carrot halwa,I prefer to use the pinkish variety more than the orange variety.The pinkish one is sweeter so the halwa can be made with little sugar.
in this recipe I have used the regular elaichi powder or cardamom powder,but I have tried this with rose essence and it tastes absolutely fantastic.I prefer my desserts cold,so this halwa is generally made in good quantity and stuffed in the refrigerator,to be enjoyed week long.

I generally do not cook the carrots in the pressure cooker ,since just sprinkling little salt to the carrots does the job.
In this recipe ,you will see that I have not used condensed milk or khoya,but instead I have used milk powder which gives an equally good taste I have tried to make this recipe with all easily available ingredients ,so that it can be prepared in a jiffy ,when we have unexpected guests.

Grated carrot-about 6 to 7 medium carrots
sugar--3 tablespoon(or more ,as per taste)
Dry fruits(cashew nuts,almonds ,raisins)-Handful
Milk powder-3 to 4 tablespoon
 Milk-half litre
salt -1 pinch
cardamom powder(elaichi Powder)- half teaspoon
Ghee -2 teaspoon +1 teaspoon

1-Heat a pan and add the  grated carrots(keep in medium flame)
2-Add in a pinch of salt to the carrots and mix well
3-Cover and cook for about 10 minutes
4-Add the sugar now and let the sugar release water
5-Keep in medium to high flame and keep stirring till the water released by the sugar evaporates
6- Separately reduce half litre of milk till it becomes less than one fourth,and saute the raisins and the cashew nuts in 1 teaspoon of ghee  till they change colour and keep aside
7-Add this reduced milk to the carrots and cook by stirring in high flame till all the milk has dried up
8-Now add the milk powder to the carrots and mix well
9-Add in the fried raisins and cashew nuts  and,2 teaspoons of ghee and the elaichi powder(cardamom powder) and mix well
10-Lastly Spread out the halwa in the pan ,and put in high flame without stirring ,for 2 minutes ,till it gets slightly caramelised from the bottom
11-Switch off the flame
12-Ready to be served hot or refrigerated(garnish with sliced almonds)

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