Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Homemade Aam Panna ( Am pora shorbot)

  Summers are here already,so time for something cooling.Today's recipe is the very refreshing and healthy aam panna.With the delicious flavors of raw mango,this summer drink is an absolute treat to the taste buds.So lets get started.

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 One raw mango
Jaggery -about 4 tablespoon
Roasted cumin powder -1 heaped teaspoon
Water-3 glasses
Salt-as per taste
 Crushed ice

1-Roast the raw mango on open flame(alternatively you can even boil it till soft.)

2-Peel and mash the mango pulp

3-Soak the jaggery in water for an hour before you start making the panna(the jaggery should dissolve completely )

4-When you start preparing the drink,take about half of the jaggery solution and mix the roasted cumin powder ,salt and the mango pulp and blend it well

5-Mix the blended mixture back with the rest of the solution.

6-Serve with crushed ice 

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