Thursday, 30 March 2017

Cold Coffee Recipe

Cold Coffee

Cold coffee serves as an excellent welcome drink in the summer.This refreshing drink is very filling and is relished by kids and adults alike.
There can be many variations of this drink depending on the preferred taste.The quantity of sugar depends on  how sweet you want it to be and also on the bitterness of the coffee powder.So before you start making it I would suggest you to taste the coffee powder.I have used regular cream here ,but it tastes better if you use ice cream (vanilla flavor).If you wish to get more froth to give it a better look, go for the regular cream.The quantity of water can be increased if you wish to make it lighter drink.

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Serves-2 people

1-One cup of milk(chilled)
2-One fourth cup of water(hot)
3-Sugar -2 tablespoon(as per taste)
4-coffee powder-One and half tablespoon(depends on how strong the coffee powder is)
5-Cream -2 tablespoon(if ice cream is used then one large scoop)
6-Crushed ice (optional)
7-Coffee powder and chocolate syrup for decoration


Take the instant coffee powder in a bowl
Add the sugar to it

Now add the hot water(get the mix ready)

Add the cream to the blender (not in pic of ingredients)

Add in the mix

Add in the milk and blend again till frothy

 Note-Do not add the milk till the sugar is completely dissolved.Check before adding the milk.