Thursday, 16 February 2017

Baingan Bharta

I love winters for its varied flavours.Baingan ka bharta is one such recipe .It it a  preparation which requires minimum ingredients.Apart from the brinjal or the ingredients I love this preparation for the smoky flavour of the roasted brinjal.
For this preapration  the big purple brinjals are essential ,for best results.These brinjals come best in peak winters.the soft pulpy inside of these brinjals taste heavenly once roasted on an open flame.

Onion-one big(chopped finely)
Garlic -2 to 3 cloves(minced)
Ginger-half inch piece(grated)
Tomatoes -2 medium
Green chilies-2 (cut finely)
Coriander leaves
Salt -as per taste
Turmeric-half teaspoon
Oil-Preferably mustard oil

Smear the brinjals with oil and slit from the middle lengthwise( to check for worms),keeping the stalk intact.

Roast the brinjals over open flame,let it cool.

                                              Peel the brinjals(some charred peels can be retained on them,they                                                                                                                               add to the flavour)

                                                        Mash the brinjals well

                                                       Take the ingredients

                                                     Fry the onions,add the ginger and garlic
                                                     Add salt and turmeric

                                                                      Add the tomatoes

                                                         Fry till it becomes soft

                                                     And starts oozing out oil

                                                             Time to add the mashed brinjals

                                                                Mix it well and saute for sometime

                                                      Add the coriander leaves

                                                  Mix and switch off the flame

Ready to serve with hot chapati or parathas

Note -Do not immerse the brinjals in water to peel them as it reduces the flavour of the brinjals.

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