Tuesday, 13 December 2016


I don't remember when I last used ready paneer from the supermarkets,because the paneer made at home is far more soft and simply melts in the mouth,it takes very little time to make paneer at home ,actually I always make my paneer and put it under weight just before i start preparing for the gravy.By the time i get my gravy ingredients ready my paneer is ready to be cut into pieces!

Serves 4 people

  • One and half litres of full cream milk 
  • one teaspoon of vinegar

Bring milk to a boil

switch off the flame and pour the vinegar immediately

stir well,this is how it should look like,if you cant see the green whey,add half  a teaspoon of vinegar again and stir

pour in a strainer,let the water drain out completely

now wrap in a muslin ,and place under weight,you can use a heavy tawa alternatively

this is how it should look like

carefully cut into cubes

ready to use

note. You can use skimmed milk in place of full cream ,and get good paneer
        White or black vinegar ,anything is fine

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