Friday, 11 November 2016

Dhania pudina chutney(green chutney )

I always prepare this the previous day when guests are supposed to come.The green chutney is something I cannot do without.This is very useful with the starters ,if you want you can even freeze this in cubes and store them for future use.The dhania ,pudina green chutney has many variations ,with tamarind ,with tomatoes or even the cooked versions.Today I am sharing the uncooked version with lemon as the souring agent.

1-2 cups coriander leaves with stem,(washed and cleaned )

2-1 cup mint leaves (no stems)
3-1 tablespoon of mixture
4-3 green chillies(as per taste)
5-salt(as per taste)
6-sugar(half teaspoon)
7-half inch piece of ginger
8-4 to 5 peppercorns
9-half teaspoon pink rocksalt
10- one wedge of lemon

grind all in a blender except lemon,add water to get the required consistency

add the lemon juice at the end

serve with your favourite snacks

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