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Mughlai Mango Pickle Recipe

  Pickles call for a very complicated time consuming process,and they generally take days for the process to get completed.I am sharing a pickle recipe today which has done away with the tedious process .It takes a maximum time of 1 hour to prepare and can be stored year long even outside the refrigerator.This sweet and sour finger licking pickle is sure to win your hearts and you are definitely going to make this year after year.

This is a recipe where garlic adds the main flavour to the pickle without compromising with the beautiful smell of the raw mangoes.

It is best to use the good variety of non fibrous mangoes ,used for pickles in this recipe.It tastes best when it has a soft and pulpy texture.
Unlike other pickles ,the mangoes are peeled well before the process of making it is started



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1-Raw pickle mangoes- Half kg
2-Mustard oil-half liter
3-Garlic-2 to 3 large or 100 grams ,approximately
4-Ginger-50 grams
5-Mustard seeds (white or the yellow variety)-150 to 200 grams
6-Jeera (cumin seeds )-one heaped tablespoon
7-Methi (fenugreek seeds)-1 teaspoon
8-Sugar-75 grams ,or two tablespoon(you can reduce the quantity or even increase the quantity as per your taste
9-Asafoetida(hing)-one large pinch
10- Salt as per taste
11-vinegar-one cup(large)
 12-Chilli powder-3 tablespoon(you can reduce the quantity as per your taste)
13-Tumeric powder-about 2 teaspoon or more if needed


 1- About six to seven hours before you actually start making the pickle,add the peeled garlic cloves,the ginger peeled ,the cumin seeds,the mustard seeds and the methi seeds in the vinegar and leave them to rest and soak the vinegar.

2-Wash and pat dry the mangoes 

3-Peel them well (do not bring them in contact with water)

4-Cut the mango in 1 centimetre cubes(discard the stone)

5- Mix some salt to the pieces with the help of a spoon and leave for an hour(this process becomes more important if the mangoes are too sour)

6-When the mangoes have been resting in salt for about an hour, and the spices have soaked the vinegar for about 6 to 7 hours ,start making the pickle

7-First grind everything soaked in vinegar with the vinegar to a fine paste(do not add any water)

8-Add the mustard oil to a deep pan,and bring it to smoking  point,now add the hing

9-Add the ground spices with tumeric and chilli powder

10-Put heat on medium and saute the spices till they give out a lovely aroma (the quantity of the  oil should be more than required to saute the spices.)

11-Next,add the mango pieces and discard the salt water.

12- Roast the mango with the spices for 5 min (do not over roast)

13-Switch off the flame and add the sugar and roast again till the sugar melts.

14- Keep covered till it cools

15-Fill in sterilized jars when at room temperature and store(it is to be noted that oil should cover the pickles in the jars,that will preserve them for long)

I generally soak the spices in vinegar in the morning and prepare the pickle in the evening,and fill them in jars in the following morning when it cools down.

Once you start consuming the pickle ,if you notice that the oil covering the pickle in the jar has gone down,you can heat some mustard oil  till smoking point and let it cool.Then add the oil to the pickle to prevent it from getting spoilt.

This recipe needs a  maximum of ten to twelve days  once prepared before one can start consuming it.



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